Using Bold Paint Techniques To Make An Impact

Using Bold Paint Techniques To Make An Impact

The Most Common Paint Varieties – And Which Is The Best Alternative For You

There are many alternative painting techniques to impact your home decorating. These techniques offer a bold new style when compared to traditional painting. If you’re looking for an alternative and bold impact in your home, this guide covers some of our favourite techniques.

Choosing Bold Colours or Bold Paint
One of our top tricks for impacting your home is utilising bold colours. While neutral colours are a great versatile option – there is no reason to be afraid of adding a pop of colour.

There are many ways you can incorporate bold colours into your home. Some people prefer to keep their walls neutral but bring bold patterns and colours with their furniture and decor.

Others choose to paint their walls a bright colour, which can set the atmosphere and the mood of a room. Others prefer a bright colour on one wall as a feature with neutrals on the others. Whatever you choose, there are no wrong choices as long as the final result appeals to you.

Alternative Painting Techniques
Other than bright colours, another great way to make an impact with your interior paint is to use alternative painting techniques. These techniques allow a great range of finishes and textures, so you will find one that appeals to you.

Examples include:

  • Strié – a technique that leaves a fabric/linin sort of texture behind by using horizontal and vertical brushstrokes.
  • Colour Wash – this technique works by layering two different paint colours on each other, resulting in a soft, warm appearance. This is a great way to add texture and interest to your walls.
  • Wall Stencilling – this is a great affordable alternative to wallpaper. The possibilities are endless, and you can achieve great results by painting over a stencil on the walls.

This is not an exhaustive list, but just some examples of the countless possibilities of using alternative painting techniques to make an impact.

Alternative Techniques Using Bold Paint
Another way to use bold paint techniques to make an impact is using alternative paint.

Some examples of this include using chalkboard paint to make an impact and create tremendous functional wall space in your home. Some places where this may be useful are in a kitchen or office, or it would be great fun for children in their playrooms.

Another alternative paint is using metallic paint; some gorgeous metallic colours are available, and they are sure to impact your home decor. They add great depth and shine to the walls, which with some exciting lighting, could become a feature in your home.

There are many exciting ways to impact your home with paint, many more than discussed in this article. Hopefully, this has prompted some ideas to help you express yourself throughout your home and get it looking the best it can be. If you are considering painting your home, call Diamond Coat Painting – our friendly team is always willing to help and even offer free quotes.

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