Deck Restoration Melbourne Breathing New Life To An Old Deck

For excellent deck restoration in Melbourne, you’ll need a professional deck restoration company like Diamond Coat Painting to breathe new life into it. You see, restoring decks can be labour intensive and if you don’t have the time to do it, you might as well get the best local deck repair services you can get. One that does timber deck restoration, among other things. We have done many deck restoration in Melbourne and surrounds, cleaning, repairing, and refinishing them to the utmost delight and satisfaction of their owners.

But deck restoration in Melbourne depends on the condition of the wear-and-tear and the specific materials used to build these decks, making each deck restoration project different from each other in terms of the restoration process and time needed for it. But have no worries, our deck restoration specialists can breathe new life into any old deck. From start to finish—prepping and repairing, sanding and cleaning, painting and staining or oiling—we get the job done using the latest equipment that ensures an even finish only our experts at Diamond Coat Painting can deliver.

Why Maintain a Deck?

Considering the harsh weather conditions we have in Melbourne it would definitely be difficult to maintain a great-looking deck. But having a deck provides that liberating feeling of communing with nature. It offers many benefits like no other part of the house can. Here are some of them:

Health benefits. It’s a place where you can exercise if you’re not up to go workout in a gym. With natural light and air around you, the atmosphere in the deck makes it perfect for cardio activities like yoga, aerobics, and calisthenics.

Natural lighting. Natural light from the deck gives illumination to your home interiors, providing that positive atmosphere that encourages productivity as well as that comfortable feeling of being at home.

Workplace. Your deck can be your workplace. Setting up a table, with your coffee or tea, you can work from there, in the midst of natural surroundings that can literally be a breath of fresh air away from the four corners of your office.

Your deck can be a party place too, you know! So maintaining them should not worry you. With us around to keep it spick and span, having a deck will be no trouble at all. For your deck restoration requirements and other enquiries, call 0402 801 097.

About Us

Diamond Coat Painting is a family-owned business providing high-quality painting services in and around Melbourne for more than a decade now. Staffed with professional, competent, and experienced painters with vast experience in delivering residential and commercial paint jobs, Diamond Coat Painting takes pride in its outstanding output that has generated starred reviews both online and through word-of-mouth. Aside from painting homes and buildings, we also offer deck restoration and fence painting. Regardless of the scope of the painting project, you can depend on Diamond Coat Painting to produce the best results on time all the time and within budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unraveling the Mysteries: FAQs Made Simple.

How do you restore a weathered deck?

We restore weathered decking with this simple step-by-step formula:

Step 1: strip off any existing decking coatings and return them to bare timber.
Step 2: Use an environmentally safe chemical called the (rejuvenator). We apply this product to the decking and watch the magic happen before your very eyes.
Step 3: we sand the decking with our industrial sander.
Step 4: Apply two coats of Haymes dexpress premium sealer.

How many years will decking last?

We usually give it 12-16 months before having to recoat the decking.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a deck?

Definitely cheaper to repair the decking as opposed to replacing the decking.

How do I get my deck back to original colour?

By stripping it back to bare timber and using our environmentally safe chemicals.


What does the customer
Have to say?

F Inc
F Inc
Exemplary plaster patch-up and paint job. Don't waste your time and money going anywhere else, use these guys.
Connie Consiglio
Connie Consiglio
We have had the pleasure of working with Diamond Coat Painting on numerous occasions and have found the process to be a seamless and professional experience. Quality workmanship at competitive prices. Definitely recommend their services to all who are in the market for a professional painter.
George Paltidis
George Paltidis
Highly recommended, great quality work, completed on time and a very honest and friendly person to deal with and all at a very competive price. I don't normally recommend people but have no hesitation recommending Gary, he was a pleasure to deal with. Will use Gary for all our painting needs in future.
Tony Benstead
Tony Benstead
Our deck was restored beautifully. The guys showed up on time and were very careful to get it just right. The price was very reasonable for the job.
Chris Eves
Chris Eves
Gary was courteous, competitive, arrived on time when promised and did a great job. Excellent service. Highly recommend him. Chris
James C
James C
I needed to re-paint my apartment and only have a few days left before I started to move in, so I contacted Diamond Coat Painting, Gary from Diamond Coat Painting helped me with the job, I couldn't be more happy with the service and end result. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for painting service to use them because they: - Shows up on time and deliver the service that excels my expectations. - Have very good price. - Are very knowledgable with their work and provided useful insights to help me select my paint. - Gave me ample time and allow me to choose from a wide range of colors. - Delivered the service even on a such short notice. - Professional and do their work with excellent quality and efficiency.
Mitch Casey
Mitch Casey
I strongly recommend the painting services provided by Diamond coat. Their painters are fully experienced and fix problems rapidly, my wall was previously horribly damaged with a hole of 5 cm in diameter, the painter came on time and I couldn't even distinguish where the damage was when the work has been done 10 mins later. Totally marvellous work!

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