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For property and real estate developers and managers, finding the ideal company for strata painting in Melbourne can be a daunting task. Let Diamond Coat Painting make it clear: not all painting companies can paint as efficiently and competently as us when it comes to a group of buildings or structures divided into apartments, villas, or townhouses. Consistency is the key to delivering strata complex painting services. Consistent in quality workmanship, in customer service, and in timeliness. These are the three factors we always consider when doing strata painting services, from the time the strata complex is newly built where it needs to be painted to the time when repainting work needs to be done.

Top Reasons for Strata Painting

Aside from having the commercial property look attractive to buyers and tenants-to-be, there are many reasons why you need an expert for strata painting in Melbourne. Here are some of them:

  • Fresh look. For a strata complex, giving it a refresh or a colour change every now and then will be an awesome sight. Ideally, every three to five years.
  • Maintenance and repair. As part of your building maintenance, strata painting should be done by professionals so that the repairs,painting, and maintenance will be done professionally, colour matching and all.
  • Renovations. As with maintenance and repair, strata painting experts can colour match the previous paint that will be used for all renovations, except when there will be new colours to be used.
  • Protection. Strata painting provides structural protection like membrane and waterproofing for durability and longevity.
  • Property valuation. Strata painting increases the value of your real estate property, including rental returns.
  • Rentability. Having an attractive strata painting work makes it easier for you to find rental tenants or sell the unit or apartment lot.

Painting Approvals

Because the owners and tenants are also stakeholders in strata complexes, you will need to get approval for any painting that needs to be done from the committee or owners’ association. All external painting, from the common areas inside the complex to the façade and the overall colour schemes must be approved in a committee meeting before any work can start. A proper briefing is needed for the painting contractor so that the rules and regulations governing strata painting can be observed during the work has started.

About Us

Diamond Coat Painting is a family-owned business providing high-quality painting services in and around Melbourne for more than a decade now. Staffed with professional, competent, and experienced painters with vast experience in delivering residential and commercial paint jobs, Diamond Coat Painting takes pride in its outstanding output that has generated starred reviews both online and through word-of-mouth. Aside from painting homes and buildings, we also offer deck restoration and fence painting. Regardless of the scope of the painting project, you can depend on Diamond Coat Painting to produce the best results on time all the time and within budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unraveling the Mysteries: FAQs Made Simple.

How do you restore a weathered deck?

We restore weathered decking with this simple step-by-step formula:

Step 1: strip off any existing decking coatings and return them to bare timber.
Step 2: Use an environmentally safe chemical called the (rejuvenator). We apply this product to the decking and watch the magic happen before your very eyes.
Step 3: we sand the decking with our industrial sander.
Step 4: Apply two coats of Haymes dexpress premium sealer.

How many years will decking last?

We usually give it 12-16 months before having to recoat the decking.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a deck?

Definitely cheaper to repair the decking as opposed to replacing the decking.

How do I get my deck back to original colour?

By stripping it back to bare timber and using our environmentally safe chemicals.


What does the customer
Have to say?

F Inc
F Inc
Exemplary plaster patch-up and paint job. Don't waste your time and money going anywhere else, use these guys.
Connie Consiglio
Connie Consiglio
We have had the pleasure of working with Diamond Coat Painting on numerous occasions and have found the process to be a seamless and professional experience. Quality workmanship at competitive prices. Definitely recommend their services to all who are in the market for a professional painter.
George Paltidis
George Paltidis
Highly recommended, great quality work, completed on time and a very honest and friendly person to deal with and all at a very competive price. I don't normally recommend people but have no hesitation recommending Gary, he was a pleasure to deal with. Will use Gary for all our painting needs in future.
Tony Benstead
Tony Benstead
Our deck was restored beautifully. The guys showed up on time and were very careful to get it just right. The price was very reasonable for the job.
Chris Eves
Chris Eves
Gary was courteous, competitive, arrived on time when promised and did a great job. Excellent service. Highly recommend him. Chris
James C
James C
I needed to re-paint my apartment and only have a few days left before I started to move in, so I contacted Diamond Coat Painting, Gary from Diamond Coat Painting helped me with the job, I couldn't be more happy with the service and end result. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for painting service to use them because they: - Shows up on time and deliver the service that excels my expectations. - Have very good price. - Are very knowledgable with their work and provided useful insights to help me select my paint. - Gave me ample time and allow me to choose from a wide range of colors. - Delivered the service even on a such short notice. - Professional and do their work with excellent quality and efficiency.
Mitch Casey
Mitch Casey
I strongly recommend the painting services provided by Diamond coat. Their painters are fully experienced and fix problems rapidly, my wall was previously horribly damaged with a hole of 5 cm in diameter, the painter came on time and I couldn't even distinguish where the damage was when the work has been done 10 mins later. Totally marvellous work!

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