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Painters Sorrento

Painters Sorrento

House Painters Sorrento

Painting may appear to an untrained eye to be a simple task. After all, all that is required is to choose a paint colour, mix it with water, and apply it to the wall. However, due to a variety of factors such as the type and quality of paint, its intended use, textures, finishes, shades, and so on, it is far more than that.


Painters for homes Sorrento teams understand the level of detail required to complete any painting project, no matter how big or small. Our Sorrento house painters have worked on hundreds of projects over the years and understand the importance of paint for any property.

Painting Services Sorrento

When Sorrento house painters begin a project, they begin by finalising all details with the property owners, such as the area to be painted, the type and shade of paint, and texture, among other things. After that, our teams get to work, delivering the highest quality within the deadlines.


Different structures necessitate different paint solutions. Our teams can also provide advice based on the property’s requirements and suitability to ensure that we plan it in accordance with the property owner’s wishes. This produces a result that astounds everyone and fills the owner with pride.


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    House Painters Sorrento

    Our Services

    At Diamond Coat Painting we are home improvement specialists and experts at providing quality painting services to both commercial and residential clients in Sorrento and the surrounding areas of Melbourne. If you require a painting service that is not listed, feel free to contact us to discuss your options.


    Residential Painting Sorrento

    We offer both external and interior painting for domestic clients in Melbourne. Whether you just need a single area painted or require our services for a bigger project, our team is always happy to help. We use the highest quality materials at our disposal, and our affordable prices make our painting services great value.

    Commercial Painting Sorrento

    If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, your property is your brand. A bad paint job can put off potential clients and send them straight to your competitors! This is why it is so important to have a professional paint job done, so you can have an absolutely amazing result.

    We’re trusted by organisations and other commercial clients all across Melbourne to assist with their painting needs. We provide comprehensive commercial painting services in Sorrento for business owners, property developers, government organisations, and more.

    House Painting Sorrento

    Whether you just want to give your home an update, are tired of the same old colours or you’re looking to sell, house painting is a big job. A fresh paint job can really complete the interior and exterior of your home. We’re here to help!
    Our painting experts in Sorrento will make quick work of your house painting, delivering a cohesive finish throughout your home that is sure to please. No matter your style or colour preference, we’ll paint your house to perfection down to the tiniest of details.


    Whether you just need a small area repainted due to damage or wear and tear or you’re looking to renovate your property, we can assist with any repainting job you may have.

    Our experts will be able to match the colour of your existing paint with ease or help you find a new favourite colour that will enhance the appearance of the space.

    Deck Restoration

    With all the harsh weather we get here in Melbourne, it can be hard to keep your deck area looking great. Regular maintenance is a must.

    Our deck restoration experts can breathe new life into any deck. We take care of it all – prep and repairs, sanding, cleaning, painting, staining or oiling. Our professional-grade equipment ensures a smooth and even finish that is otherwise unattainable.

    New Home Painting Sorrento

    When it comes to building a new home, painting can be a daunting task. Let us take care of it for you!

    We offer new home painting services across Melbourne, helping you get settled sooner. We know the importance of sticking to a deadline so that the other parts of your project can progress and will help create a cohesive colour palette throughout your home.

    Fence Painting

    Fence painting can be a great way to increase curb appeal and the value of your home.

    We can handle any fence, no matter how long or what it’s made of, and ensure that you get that professional and even coating you expect from our team. And with high-quality coatings specifically designed for a range of fencing materials, you can rest assured that our work will last.

    So if you’re looking for exceptional painting services, look no further than Diamond Coat Painting. Our house painters in Malvern, house painters in Mornington, house painters in Mount Eliza and house painters in Mount Waverley will be happy to transform your space into something you can be proud of.